The red headed youthful girl-next-door with an edge and a secret you can not unfold

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Interview Kelsey had recently with Close-up Culture about her appearance on Netflix Original, Girlboss. Life in L.A, staying motivated and much more.

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Interview with Close-up Culture

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Catch Kelsey on Netflix Original, Girlboss!

Kelsey brought out her edge, living freely and giving out drugs in her co-star role on Girlboss, written by Kay Cannon.

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Actress, Improvisor, Dancer

Kelsey Morgan Arnold is an actress based in Los Angeles. Recently booking Netflix Original Girlboss, she had the opportunity to work with some wonderful people in the industry including; Kay Cannon (writer of Pitch Perfect), Brit Robertson (Disney’s Tomorrowland) and Johnny Simmons (Perks of Being a Wallflower). After a year and a half, Kelsey completed all six levels of IOwest Improv school and proudly says, “I can think fast and throw hard!” Breaking Kelsey down a little more she is; the adventurous girl next door, the quirky redhead best friend, that always gets her and her bestie in trouble, the caring sister, the loving daughter, the angsty-awkward teen, the ethereal character, the girl who’s just “one of the guys” (lets be honest, secretly the “guys” are in love with her). Kelsey has twelve plus years of competitive dance in her toolbox, and not to “toot her own horn,” but she can also get around nicely on a pair of roller blades.

"Work towards your goals, though they may seem out of reach. When you move a little closer everyday the distance becomes nonexistent."    - Kelsey Morgan Arnold